Customer Account Setup

You need a Customer Account to adquire Services, like DNS Admin, register a Domain, buy a Dedicated or Shared Hosting Service, and more.

Once you submit this form, an email will be sent to you at your email account, futher instructions will be sent included in this email. You will be asked to an Account Setup confirmation and if you respond before 60 minutes you can start ussing your login and password for all Services at INTEREC.

Note this Login and Password is valid for Customer Account, for others services as DNS Admin Manager, you have diferent logins and passwords.

Your Credit Card will be used to charge all Services you create with us, now no will be charged until you buy some Service. For fees services, this credit card will be charged periodically ( monthly, quaterly or yearly, depending what services you use ) authomatically until you cancel the Service ussing the Control Panel for that Service.

Some of the Services you can buy ussing your Customer Account are:
  • Customer Account Query. Allow you to see your Account, get billing on-line.
  • Domain Registration. For domain name register at the BEST QUELITY/PRICE.
  • DNSADMIN Service. Allow you to manage your DNS Servers.
  • Hosting Services.
  • Dedicated Servers Services.

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