Terminal/Termcap Software

Terminal/Termcap Software

captoinfo.tar.Z - captoinfo convert termcap to terminfo data

ctc.tar.Z - ctc display and diff termcap entries

determcap.tar.Z - determcap split a termcap database into directories and files

dmz32.tar.Z - dmz32 DMZ32 asynchronous terminal multiplexer

libterm.tar.Z - libterm "crash-proof" datum entry routines using termcap(3x)

ptydriver.tar.Z - ptydriver pseudo-tty driver for system V

tc.tar.Z - tc supply termcap capabilities to shell scripts

termcap.tar.Z - termcap terminal type database routines

tput.tar.Z - tput query termcap data base

ttyset.tar.Z - ttyset set common terminal parameters

untic.tar.Z - untic Uncompile terminfo terminal description files

vtrm.tar.Z - vtrm terminal control package (ala curses but different)